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  • Mary

Shopping for ... socks

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

It all started with this pair of sock print socks from Anthropologie. It blew my mind in a small way. How adorable and how genius to make a pair of freaking socks with a sock print! I've had a long week and maybe my brain was stretched thinly enough to be blown apart by any silly thing, and these socks did it.

Just in time, too. As someone who has a hard time with temperature regulation, I am more often than not feeling either too hot or too cold. Office buildings create a ridiculous conundrum in summer by blasting AC and the NYC subway system foils strategic winter layering by piping hot air straight from the core of the earth onto its station platforms. My new office is especially cold, and since we’re in November and the AC is still going strong, I’m not sure that they’ll be turning up the thermostats anytime soon. I think I’ll need to get creative about work wear layering for this winter. Enter socks and pumps. Not a style detail I’ve ever thought about, but I’m at a point where I’m either having the longest allergy season of my life or have been fighting a cold for the past several weeks. Here ya go with some pairs I’ve been tossing into my virtual carts left and right.

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