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Seeing Stars

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

I have a little more than a casual interest in astrology. While I don’t shelter in place when Mercury is in retrograde, I have done research on what that astrological phenomenon portends for star readers and I never skip the horoscope sections of my magazines and blog feeds. I like to think that the heavens can give me some guidance in life, that advice that I needed to hear, and general hope that there’s something to it all beyond ordinary chaos.

The stars themselves are a rare and wonderful sight for any city dweller, and the stories traced by constellations are romantic for an ancient mythology lover like me. I’m fascinated by the human need to look for order, to assign names, meaning, and history, and to feel familiarity in the great wide unknown. I find it both heart wrenching and earnestly sweet.

All this to say that constellations and night skies are powerful imagery for me. I think celestial images are beautiful, rich, and wonderfully suited for interesting prints. I’ve loved seeing a proliferation of these such prints lately in fashion. They always catch my eye, and I thought I’d do a roundup here.

Rifle Paper Co. Constellations Weekender Bag $150

Aquazurra Cosmic Pearl Velvet Pumps $537

Urban Outfitters Solar System Duvet Cover $129 - $169

Sofia Zakia Written in the Stars Band $1,650

Haptic Lab Constellation Quilt $279

Anthropologie Solstice Dinner Plate $22

Zara Printed Midi Dress $90

Anthropologie Trinket Dish Gift Set $68

Urban Outfitters Gala Essential Oil Diffuser $65


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