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Holiday Prep at the Studio

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

The various members of my studio are starting to ramp up for the holiday season just like I am. The kilns, which are already always going, seem to be in overdrive lately, and the shelves are packed with pots waiting to be bisque fired or glazed.

The hustle and bustle of people coming and going during the generous fall/winter hours must be so fun to see if I could spend a day there at the main table just watching. We’re all so busy with our day jobs that we hardly have a moment to waste on distractions when we’re there; a sign went up recently that urges folks to go outside if they need to speak on the phone.

I started a project yesterday with a very tight timeline that I’m super excited to share more about soon. I’m also wrapping up a custom order and have another small one in the pipeline. I’m hunkering down on my weeknights at home to make the items and making runs to the studio after work to drop things off, sand, wax, glaze. It’s nice to be in it with the other members of the studio, fretting about our pieces surviving the kiln, putting our heads down to get things done, and sharing our projects and stories in the in between moments.

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