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The July List

Updated: Jan 21, 2020

A week delayed with this month’s list but here we go!

Embrace the color yellow.

I come back to loving yellow every few years and I see it cropping up all around this summer.

I’m currently all about my new nail polish, Honey Darlin’ by CND. I’ve been wearing it nonstop on my hands and feet. The formula is infused with vitamin E, jojoba oil, and keratin, and it’s easy to remove, which is a big bonus for me because manicures don’t survive for long when you’re a potter.

CND Vinylux in Honey Darlin

Some more sunny hued items below:

Wolf & Moon Lemon Earrings $50

Everlane Cami Slip $88

Frankie Shop Yellow Sunglasses $20

Topshop Tubular Mules $80

Take pictures!

So much nostalgia is based in summer, isn’t it? Long days, great weather, bountiful produce, lazy weekends, iced coffee, beach days, and on and on. This month I’ll remind myself to document the everyday a bit better.

Change up the beauty routine.

I’m adapting my beauty routine to the sometimes extreme humidity in New York City. As part of my move toward more natural products, I’ve incorporated Greek yogurt face masks into my weekly skincare regimen. I’ve also begun using a mixture of neem and jojoba oils to calm inflamed skin. For example, my necklaces have irritated the back of my neck recently and massaging a couple of drops of the oils in once a day as really helped. I’ve moved my toner spritz bottle and other perishable products into the refrigerator. I’ve also started carrying these handy little Boscia face blotting sheets around.

Watch the sugar intake.

I’m a big fruit lover and I have a sweet tooth. The foods of summer make it so easy to rack up the sugar intake. I recognize little things to watch out for, like the fact that I am perfectly happy with black hot coffee but like my iced coffee sweetened.

A new wardrobe option.

I bought a black one piece swimsuit from H&M a few weeks ago. I plan on bringing it to Tulum and putting it on double duty as swimwear and as a bodysuit for skirts and shorts, which made me feel like I discovered a minor life hack that I want to share...

Swimwear on regular rotation! If you, like me, haven’t yet caught onto the bodysuit thing, consider starting with a one piece bathing suit pulling double duty. Go for matte materials, solid colors (or bold prints), minimal silhouettes. Take advantage of the various interesting back/strap situations but avoid touches that are too reminiscent of swim, such as complicated string ties, excessive cut-outs, embellishments like beads and tortoise or metal rings, and in most cases, macrame.

The H&M suit I bought is no longer available, but here are a few that I think could work great with a high waisted skirt or denim shorts:

COS V-Neck Swimsuit $49

Frankie Shop Chestnut One Piece Swimsuit $95

H&M Blue Swimsuit $24.99

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