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Et Alia - August 30, 2019

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

A few more weeks of summer

I recently spent a Saturday hanging with both sides of Kev's and my family on a gorgeous sunny day, with time in between events for just the two of us.

We started the day early with our CSA pick up in Brooklyn. My sister met us in McCarren Park to come back to Queens with us and hang for a little bit before we were all off to Forest Park in Woodhaven to see my mom and dad and their little performance group put on a Mid-Autumn Festival show (the actual festival holiday is September 13 this year, and is based on the lunar calendar). It was at the bandshell in the park, the same one I used to go to as a kid and all through my teenage years. My sister had her middle school gradation ceremony there. It was cool to see my mom sing on that stage.

After a little while sitting outdoors, the three of us went back to Brooklyn for a quick bite and a glass of wine at Apollonia, a very pretty mediterranean cafe/wine bar. My sister went home to her apartment after that and Kev and I headed over to Domino Park, where we'd meet his side of the family for a sunset stroll and then dinner at Marlow & Sons to celebrate his birthday.

The weather was perfect that day, with the sun hovering over the Manhattan skyline and casting long shadows onto the Domino Park grass. So many people were out and enjoying the afternoon, silhouettes dotting the river-facing benches looking out toward the sunset. Late summer in New York.

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