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The Friday Report: Week of April 3, 2020

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

Our fourth work-from-home week is complete. One thing that's really changed for us is that we haven't dined out, ordered delivery, or gotten takeout at all during this time. And surprisingly, I've found that the more we cook, the more I enjoy it, and the less it feels like a chore.

greenware on box
Still making new pieces amidst the packing for our move

This was also the last full week in our current apartment. We've been moving our things out slowly but steadily for some time, and I've seen our past five years get boxed up and transported away. I'm really going to miss this place, this cozy, too-small but perfect-for-us apartment where our family came together. It's Huxley's first home and Fitz's fourth. It's half a decade of memories and forgettable moments, significant and mundane, big and small, and everything in between. I love this place, I'm thankful for it, and I'm passing it on to be loved all over again.

I finished two new designs this week: the first is called the Maraca Vase (pictured above, I made a second, larger one as well) and the second is the Henge Vase. I also made a small Arch Vase, the third of its kind to join my quarantine greenware gang.

On Tuesday I packed a few types of flower seeds into damp paper towels and threw those into Ziploc bags to try to get them to germinate. I love using fresh flowers in my pottery pictures and with the new outdoor space, I'm really excited to possibly grow my own photo props (especially since I haven't been to a bodega or a Trader Joe's in weeks). By Thursday the cosmos had already begun to sprout from sitting on our sunny bedroom windowsill. Amazing how much joy this tiny stirring of nature can bring.

This apartment is getting more bare every day, and on this Friday night looks especially so. In the strange way that timing does its disruptive thing, this pandemic forcing us to stay in for so long has really made the prospect of bidding this place goodbye that much more bittersweet. I'm thankful for the few more days that we'll spend here.

As midnight approaches, Kev and I are each on our laptops, getting ready to try our luck at snagging delivery slots on Amazon Whole Foods and Fresh Direct. Fingers crossed.

Thanks for joining to read about my week. Have a good weekend ahead, and stay safe, wherever you are.

With love,


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