Handmade ceramics & home goods

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Welcome to Mammoth & minnow. My name is Mary Lee, and I’m the maker behind and owner of this small business. I live and work in New York City and make mostly pottery in my Queens apartment and Manhattan ceramics studio. 


The brand name reflects the multitude sources of my inspiration. The big and the small, the moments, the mountains, the rising tides, the birdsong, the candlelit nights, the first breath of ocean air after a long drive, the magic of encountering something wholly new that feels at once familiar, the new leaf on my lemon tree, the connections made when traveling that blaze for one firefly’s lifespan, the thrill that comes, after all these years, as I hurtle from darkness into sunlight when riding the New York City subway, the cup of coffee at the perfect temperature on a cold winter morning, the absolute vastness of the sea, of the sky, of the world of stars beyond that sky.


Van Gogh said to love many things and through loving his artwork I have inherited this wildly romantic ethos and it manifests in Mammoth & minnow. 


I like to make my spaces happy places and fill my daily rituals with little luxuries. The things I make, I would use in my life. I hope that others can connect with my fondness for organic shapes and ancient mythology. I like things that feel good to hold, and things that are simple to use, special but not too precious. 


I created this space as a way to share my work directly, along with more about my life behind the scenes. 


You can also connect with me on Instagram and Pinterest.