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Woman holding ceramic vase with white orchids

Welcome to Mammoth & minnow.


My name is Mary Lee, and I’m the maker and owner behind this small business. I live and work in New York City and make pottery in my Queens home and Manhattan ceramics studio. 


The store name reflects the multitude of sources of my inspiration. The big and the small, much of it in nature: the mountains in their morning mist, the rhythm of tides, the birdsong at dawn, the wild poppy fields, the absolute vastness of the sea, of the sky, of the realm of stars beyond that sky.


You may notice references to ancient mythology and the cosmos in my inspiration and in product names. I also partner with my dad once in a while to feature his Chinese calligraphy paintings on porcelain wares in my Bamboo Brush collection. This connection to culture and history is one that fuels both my work and my travels. 


I like to make my spaces happy places and fill my day-to-day with little luxuries. I create products that reflect my style, and the finished designs could, and often do, end up in my own home. Perks of the job. 


I hope that others can connect with my fondness for organic shapes and natural hues. My goal is to offer items that feel good to hold, blend well together and among other styles, that are beautiful and special, and (most of all) useful. 

I created this space as a way to share my work, along with more about my life behind the scenes. On the In Between Journal, I post my monthly goals, travel diaries, favorite finds, and general musings - I'll hope you'll join me there as well.


You can also connect with me on Instagram and Pinterest.

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