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Local Gems: Cipollina Market, Forest Hills

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

I visited Cipollina Market in Forest Hills this weekend for a quick breakfast in between errands. It's located on Queens Blvd. which is dotted with small mom & pop shops as well as drugstore and grocery chains. It isn't the trendiest strip in New York, but every so often you'll come across a little local gem such as this place.

We had iced coffees and two breakfast sandwiches and sat at a round bistro table near the front of the store. As for produce, they had plenty of Italian meats and cheeses, dry goods, candy, and beer. There is a separate dining area with string lights and vintage prints on the walls. It's just the kind of eatery you'd want to stop at for a bite or a coffee before heading out with a loaf of bread tucked under your arm.

116-09 Queens Blvd.

Forest Hills, NY 11375

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