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The September List

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

I like to start each month by thinking about the coming weeks and setting goals. Plus, I love lists. The completion of each item helps mark time so it doesn't feel like the days are flying by in a blur. Here are my goals for September, perhaps some of these will inspire you as well.

Why don't we:

Unplug with a hot drink by the window

I do something like this on early weekend mornings and I like the idea of making it more of a self care ritual. My routine includes feeding the pups breakfast and taking them on their first walk of the day so I'm typically up earlier than my husband. After our walk, I usually make myself coffee and fire up my laptop or make my to do list immediately. This month, I'll look to pick up a book or the New Yorker instead for a little while before diving into the day.

Complete a home project

There's one that immediately comes to mind for me: making space for my urban jungle to come back indoors. Currently, we have about a dozen pots of varying sizes out on the fire escape and scattered across windowsills. Come the chilly fall weather, they'll need to be brought back indoors after a summer of sunbathing.

Some favorite cookbooks

Try a new recipe and revisit an old one

We try new recipes all the time, but how about something more involved this month? Something decadent, whatever that means to you. Perhaps in its myriad ingredients or in the time it takes from start to finish.. indulge in cooking up something great this month.

Shelf goals

Organize something, discard some things

This is a constant goal of mine, but it still helps to write it out every month. I also think everyone can do with a bit of discarding. We are constantly accumulating things and it can really weigh us down.

Bring fall into the apartment

I start every morning by opening up the kitchen window and letting the air into our apartment. Our place gets ridiculously hot all year round and it's so nice to get that first breeze, especially during the fall months. This September, I'll look to bring fall into the home with candles and a bit of decor as well. Halloween, one of my favorite holidays, will be here in no time and it's never too early for pumpkins in the house.

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