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The January List

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

The year began with a breakfast out, then a day of quiet couch cozying away from the frigid temps outside. Tomorrow, it's right back to work, and I'm wondering how I'll possibly drag myself out of bed given my recent extreme night owl tendencies. With the holidays behind us, January will afford me time to reset, clean up my yarn and clay scraps, and take a breather as I transition from catching up to looking ahead. 

My January List after these pictures from today's breakfast. So nice to start the year with a good meal and a prime seat before the crowds converge. 

The January List:

As above, take a breather.  

We're only at the beginning of mile one. Instead of "everything all at once" which is a very New York mantra, let's go with "everything, one step at a time"

Plan a getaway

Aside from US-based travel, we're planning for our next big trip to be to Basque Country in late spring. There are so many things to see, and we're soaking up every bit of information we can about this region spanning Northern Spain and South-Western France as we plan our itinerary. 

Pick up some time-saving habits

Cold mornings make it especially difficult to get out of bed, and I was never a morning person to start with. To help with the mad dash that is my morning, I have some time savers that I employ with not enough consistency. I'll try my best to be better about them this month: picking out my outfit the night before, getting my coffee stuff ready on the counter, packing my bag ahead of time, and overnight oats. 

Now maybe this will mean I get to bed a few minutes later while I do this prep, but a few more minutes in the morning are so precious and worth it. 

Have a list-making bonanza

I love this one year-round. At some point this month, I plan to sit down with a blank notepad and brainstorm ideas, dreams, goals, and plans for the months ahead. 

Keep celebrating

It might be a good idea to have a plan to tackle those post holiday blues. It's freezing out, we're back to a regular work schedule, and maybe feeling a bit sluggish from the past few weeks. For me, it'll be making sure we have a few special nights in (or out) on the calendar. Sparkling cider or bubbly, movies, dutch oven recipes, and so on. 

Stay warm! 

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