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The September list

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

This month started off in the best way, with a long weekend. We saw friends at a brewery, family at a brunch, and even went on a spontaneous trip to Coney Island. This month brings a change in the seasons and I’ve got a few plans for this transition.

Live the late summer

The summer child in me is typically crying in despair around this time of year. Already the leaves are changing and falling. There are three maples in front of the elementary school across the street from my building that have been feeling aggressively autumnal, dropping leaves like nobody’s business. Since the school year didn’t start until today, no one was around to gather them up, and we’ve had to crunch our way through the piles of leaves for several weeks! Too soon, guys.

Late summer is a distinct season in my mind. By now, I’ve gotten used to the warm weather, to wearing open toed shoes, to eating peaches and watermelon, to feeling way too hot on the way to work and then way too cold only an hour into the day. By now, vacations are done for the season and there’s a sweet lull in the normally frenetic pace of life here. I’ve settled into my summer style, discovered new favorite things, and gotten accustomed to ordering iced coffees. I’ve soaked up the sun and the season and these late summer days are just icing on top.

For some inspiration to help set the mood for enjoying the dog days of summer, see my Late Summer board on Pinterest.

Holiday prep

Holiday season last year for this one woman show was as hectic, exciting, and exhausting as I’d hoped and feared it would be. Last year was when I really felt this business grow and found myself sometimes struggling to juggle it all. This year I’m starting with the basics of making things and getting my shelves stocked before time gets tight.

Cull my warm weather wardrobe

I’ll be rummaging the depths of my closet to find the summery pieces that didn’t get worn or thought of this season. Into a donation box they go.

Dip a toe into fall

I’ll be prepping for fall this month by getting my hands back on yarn, knitting a sweater for each of my pups. I may not yet be ready to swap citrus scents for pumpkin but I’ll get there by the end of this month. Apples and apple cider will make their way back into my refrigerator. Hot tea won’t be reserved only for when I’m feeling sick. Copper tones, camels, and rust will increasingly catch my eye. My dutch oven will see even more use (I love that thing).

I’m looking forward to diving headlong into the coming season, but for right this moment, I’ll just be knitting on the subway in my sleeveless work dress, possibly with an iced coffee in tow. Summer isn’t over yet.

Start researching Japan

My in laws retired this year and to my great happiness are eager to travel the world. I offered my amateur trip planning services to help them book a vacation to Iceland at the beginning of the year, and now they are interested in a family trip to Japan next year. Japan! So daunting to plan. So much to learn. I look forward to starting my research and taking my time to enjoy it.

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