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Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Saving a couple of ideas for reference.

Fingerless gloves and mittens 

Martha Stewart mitten knitting pattern

I guess I’m an all or nothing person when it comes to finger dexterity and winter accessories. I own screen touch gloves but I have to say they feel clumsy. I also don’t like having to touch the screen just so for it to register. 

Fingerless gloves are my go to. For the past few years I’ve been relying on a pair of knitted fingerless gloves from J.Crew but they got all worn out and need replacement this season. 

I ordered a badass leather pair from & Other Stories but also wanted to knit some with spare yarn of which I have plenty. I turned to this old favorite pattern from Martha Stewart (clock the image to be linked) and whipped up a pair in a weekend. I’ve since moved on to making a pair of mittens for myself as well! 


My mom-in-law is super into organic food and natural supplements and keeps both her kids and grand-dogs markedly more healthy with her presence. She and her sisters gifted all the younger generation pounds of pistachios as part of Christmas goodie bags and we suddenly have a deluge of delicious green nuts in our pantry. 

I found the below easy dip that I thought I’d pin here for when we need to use some up after snacking on them for the past several weeks. 

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