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A First Spring

Updated: Mar 21

Spring begins today and surprisingly, I find myself sad to leave the winter, the season in which my family of three became a family of four. But there is a lot of goodness that comes with the sunlight. For one, this will be the first spring for this version of our household.

For another, my garden is returning to life. The bulbs I planted in November (which doesn’t feel like all that long ago) are coming up early and the forsythia is budding late. The lilacs and hydrangeas are growing shoots. I’ve started some flower seeds and several have begun to poke their first leaves out. 

I was also recently reminded of an order of spring-planted bulbs that I’d placed (then promptly completely wiped from my memory) at the end of January. I was in the throes of late pregnancy nesting instincts and anxiety over Rowan’s impending arrival. I think I wanted to give myself something to do and look forward to that is distinct from being a caregiver. Those bulbs will arrive soon and I’ll need to decide where to plant them. 

New for this year, I’m trying my hand at growing roses. I ordered two varieties and will be growing one in a large planter on my patio and the other in the ground in the backyard. I picked Spiced Coffee and Love Song, sourced from Heirloom Roses

As I set up to hopefully have armfuls of flowers this year, I’m wishing that I had more vases on hand in which to arrange them. Perhaps this month I’ll find the time to sculpt a couple of new designs. I’d also like to glaze a few of the bisqueware vases that line the shelves downstairs. 

At the end of the month, my parents will be traveling to China until the end of May - a long awaited trip for them. I’m so happy they’ll be returning to their homeland to see friends and family. There, they fully grasp the language and customs: something so fundamental to feeling comfortable and independent, something that I take for granted here, and which makes my heart sad to remember they lack. 

This will of course mean that we’ll have one fewer childcare option, as my parents typically care for Jasper two days a week. Before they leave, Kev and I have planned a date night. We're returning to Blanca, in Brooklyn, for the rare dinner out. We went to Cecily in Greenpoint for my birthday last month, and it’d been so long since the last time we ate at a restaurant that I felt slightly uncomfortable being out at that time of day. 

What I have become comfortable with is being awake in the middle of the night and before dawn. I usually make an effort to get back to sleep quickly, but sometimes I can’t help the momentum that wakes me up after putting Rowan back down. When that happens, it’s actually very nice to have a window of private time in the quiet of the night, when my home (and even the whole neighborhood) is still. 

Sometimes I sit with a knitting project and a podcast. Sometimes I work on pottery at my kitchen counter. Last night, I packed up an order. Those small, short, otherwise de-prioritized tasks get attention during these midnight windows. 

In the few hours I’ve found for pottery lately, I’ve been experimenting with glaze recipes, looking for a perfect pink (no luck yet), a sheer satin matte (here’s hoping), and a lighter charcoal (I think I’ve got this one). In the shop, Lolli spoons are back and I recently debuted a new mug with little painted ghosts. This design had been knocking around in my head for a while, and I’m happy with the results. I’d like to make more of them so that I’ll have a batch on hand as Halloween approaches. This is the sort of lead time I’m currently pacing but I'm grateful to be holding any pace at all right now.

Et Alia

  • I’ve been making lavender iced coffees with this agave syrup and a coconut & almond creamer from Trader Joe’s. After drinking decaf coffee almost exclusively during pregnancy, it’s nice to return to the good stuff. The taste of decaf just isn’t the same, though the closest, best roast I’ve found is from Integral Coffee which Day June was serving when we went while in Jewett.

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