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Brighter Days Ahead

Updated: Dec 26, 2021

I was surprised to realize this evening that I’d forgotten that today was the winter solstice - I usually like for the day to be spent with more intention (or at the least, awareness). It’s probably most befitting this year that it would sneak up on me, however.

Covid, motherhood, the holidays - each enough of a reason to lose track of the passage of days. Today however, my attention was on a recent Covid exposure. (Kev and I are both vaccinated and boosted, but obviously Jazzy is not.) We both received Covid tests today and spoke to Jazzy’s pediatrician about the situation. It’s the closest call we’ve had with Covid since the beginning of the pandemic. With some astonishment, we found that we hadn’t made a plan for what to do if one or both of us were to get infected. So we came up with one, something we should have done a long time ago.

Tonight, I’m turning in for an earlier bedtime, resting up for another Jazzy/mama day tomorrow since childcare won’t be an option until we get our results and, if needed, complete isolation.

Tonight will be the longest night. Tomorrow, we tilt toward the sun.

Happy solstice.

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