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July Update: Rage, Transitions, and the Heart of Summer

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

Rage. Since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade at the end of June, I have felt alternately grief, anger, helplessness, and disbelief. I'm holding onto the anger for the time being, letting it stoke the fire within me. I have noticed myself become more vocal about the issue of women's rights (to privacy, to healthcare, to being a full human with agency) at work, on social media, and basically any time someone asks me how I'm doing.

In the midst of a sea change, my little world continues to spin.

Jazzy starts part-time daycare on July 5th, and it will be a huge transition for our boy and our family. I'm so excited for him to meet other kiddos and be exposed to new experiences, but I'm also more than a little wistful about the end of the era where he was virtually wholly cocooned inside of our extended family.

Work has been particularly busy these past couple of weeks, and I find myself staying later at the office on the days that I go in, which means I haven't had the chance to go work at the studio.

Still, I've been making the time to sculpt Maraca Vases and Arch Vases, and I've hit that 75% goal I'd set for myself for June on this large order. I can't wait to finish these up - it'll be a huge accomplishment for one, but it'll also free me up to make other things.

I have just a few pics for my update today, though I hope to share more as we head into July, the very heart of summer, and I begin to cross more items off of my summer bucket list.

heirloom tomatoes
tomatoes for our first BBQ of the season

Jasper with peacocks at the zoo
Jazzy at the Bronx Zoo recently, he was recovering from croup but was a trooper, and we had a great day

Jasper in the butterfly house at the zoo
The butterfly house was his favorite. He's a lucky boy to have been joined by his two aunts, uncle Alb, and his grandparents (Kev's parents only, mine were home recovering from Covid.)

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