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Shopping for ... Straw Hats!

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Ever since I was little, even before moving to the states at 3 years old, I have absolutely LOVED straw hats. Maybe because in those early years I remember my mom wearing them all the time, riding her bicycle around in her billowy silk dresses (which I also love).

Can't beat this look

I'm not sure if I'm wearing one of her hats in this picture or if my mom got me my own wide brim number with a yellow ribbon that tied under my chin. I'm clearly feeling great about the look.

Whenever I go on vacation somewhere warm and sunny, I go to lengths to bring one with me. I'll wear it onto the plane, I'll pack around it, I'll hold it in my hand as a second personal item and lay it carefully on top of my purse underneath the seat in front of me.

Today, I have a handful of straw hats which is a handful too many to be practical for NYC. Plus, they are difficult to store... and yet each spring when I see them cropping up, I cannot help myself.

Sun protection, I reason, these are good for my health.

Below, a round-up of this season's styles that I'm crushing on. Click on the pictures to shop!

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