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Spring 2023 Bucket List

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Spring is here! Here are some of the things I'd like to plan for this season.

With Jasper

  • Do sun salutations together to start the day

  • Have a picnic or two

  • Return to the farmer's market

  • Start new routines that get us outside more often

  • Visit the new Japanese shops in Greenpoint

  • Arrange flowers together

  • Toddler pottery!

  • Walk among the first fireflies of the year

Spring in the Home

  • Make a ramp soup

  • Clean the house of things we've outgrown

  • Make a set of vases inspired by my garden

  • Spend time on the front patio and in the backyard before the mosquitos return

For Me

  • A spring haircut, so I don't go another calendar year between cuts

  • Get the garden situated for the season

  • Finish a knitting project

  • Read two books

  • Plan a weekend away

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