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Summer 2021 Bucket List

In my childhood, summer was far and away my favorite season. Summer meant freedom from structured days spent in school, long afternoons hanging on front stoops with neighborhood friends, warm, firefly-lit nights, and the smell of honeysuckle in the air. While I've learned to appreciate the other seasons more over the years (ahem, winter), I'm still very excited that it's summer.

I've put together a Summer 2021 Bucket List to indulge in my excitement for the season, filled with small goals and big ideas that I have for the next several months. I invite you to join me in crossing things off.

Food & Drink

  • Bake a cake or two (there are a few summer birthdays in the family)

  • Sip homemade agua frescas (chunks of fresh fruit, water, blender, and done!)

  • Make ice cream

  • Whip up a new cocktail (I'm thinking a summery take of my old negroni stand-by)

  • Enjoy iced lavender lattes on the patio

  • Feast on frozen blueberries

  • Grill fruit and throw it into a pitcher of sangria

Projects & Activities

  • Pickle things

  • Hang string lights (complete! We put up some solar powered string lights on the patio and have already spent several evenings out there)

  • Grow herbs (in progress!)

  • Read a book or two or three

  • Harvest tomatoes from our backyard

  • Reorganize storage in the garage

  • Have a picnic


  • Use SPF every day

  • Give myself brightly colored pedicures

  • Wear lipstick again

  • Break out the coconut body oil

  • Refresh my purple hair color

Just for Fun

  • Pick up fresh flowers from the farmer's market

  • Dance under the stars

  • Find a song that will forever remind me of this season

  • Get together with friends for dining in NYC's gardens and streets

  • Keep a bowl of lemons on the counter and use them as often as possible

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