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The Friday Report: Week of June 28, 2019

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

At the beginning of this month, I wrote that I wanted to run headlong into summer. With July just around the corner, I look back and find that I've made great progress on my June List.


Part of my plan was to focus on tableware. Specifically, I wanted options to keep for myself for all of the gatherings this summer and to build a good foundation for a bigger collection to choose from when the holidays roll around and potlucks abound.

Makers can probably relate - most of the pieces that I keep for myself are seconds with flaws. When I'm happy with the outcome, I usually can't wait to list it on my shop, and feel so excited when it sells and someone is actually incorporating my handiwork into their space.

This month, my two hand-built pitchers came out of the kiln, as well as the serving bowl above and a couple of sets of servers. You can shop the Meridian Serving Spoons shown with my new bowl by clicking on the picture. I'm keeping the bowl for myself, and strongly considering keeping one of the Patio Pitchers as well. I didn't stop there: a new serving dish design has been drying on the table in my breakfast nook for the past few days. I'm also taking this last weekend of June to make a batch of Twiggy Spoons for a restock.


I love the scent of coconut - it instantly transports me to a tropical beach state of mind. I discovered Trader's Joe's Coconut Cold Brew coffee last weekend. I finished my first bottle within 5 days and promptly bought two more. I even ventured into a MANHATTAN TJ's for them. One bottle of the concentrate costs $4.99 and makes 4-5 cups of iced coffee. I mix it with coconut sugar, water, and almond milk, and have been bringing a batch to work with me in the morning. I was wary of a too-sweet, artificial taste, but happily that is not the case at all. The coconut flavor is so subtle and the coffee does not taste acidic due to the cold brewing process.

I've also begun to incorporate unsweetened coconut flakes into my overnight oats. (Oatmeal, chia seeds, coconut flakes, honey, almond milk.) I'm happy to report that I brought my overnight oats for breakfast and a packed lunch to work each day this entire week, a feat in my book.


I've started my transition to mineral sunscreens by trying out a tinted facial one this month. I have several containers of non-mineral sunscreen in my current stash, so for the time being I'm planning to use those up so as not to generate more waste by tossing unused product out. I'll report back on this topic later in the summer.

Remember that jojoba/calendula/neem/tea tree oil infusion I whipped up? I've used it daily this whole month, both during the day and at night. In the morning, I usually apply a serum right after cleansing (currently Youth to the People Superfood Firm and Brighten Serum), and three drops of my oil mix to supplement moisture. I'm convinced that facial oils are the secret to the no-makeup glow. My skin has felt markedly more balanced and calm and it’s pretty wonderful to see good results from something I DIYed.


I participated in another volunteer event this month, this time signing up through work. It was a bouquet making session with Bloom Again Bklyn, using recycled/unsold flowers to make arrangements that brighten the rooms of home-bound seniors, trauma survivors, and others who could use a dose of color. It was just a few hours out of my day, and it was so fun and relaxing to create palettes and chose the flowers and greens for each arrangement.

If you're reading this and you live in NYC, I encourage you to check them out. Perhaps you'd like to volunteer and learn how to make arrangements and hand-tied bouquets during their weekly sessions.


The summer solstice came and went, and we made an evening of it as this year's fell on a Friday. Kevin had an appointment with his tattoo artist after work, so I made a stop at the studio before meeting him downtown for dinner at Kiki's. It's a favorite for summertime. Cavernous, with a low-key HUGE interior, plenty of bar seating that faces wide, full length windows, and very affordable carafes of house wine. The food is good too. Greek classics including an amazing eggplant dip, a salad topped with a giant slab of feta, shrimp pasta, and grilled octopus. After dinner we rode the subway home and ascended onto the sidewalk in Queens with a bright blue evening sky above us. We took the opportunity to walk the pups just before 10pm in the fading light.


Today was a work from home day, during which I jammed to this playlist for chill, happy vibes. Tonight, we're checking out a new Thai restaurant in Queens with my in-laws. Tomorrow, we're Brooklyn-bound to McCarren Park for our CSA share pickup. My sister lives nearby so we're going to bring the pups and take the goods over and cook up a little breakfast for all of us at her place.

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