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The May List

Updated: May 19, 2021

For someone who has felt like they were paying particularly close attention, I'm still shocked at how quickly we've arrived at summer's doorstep. Tempus fugit, whether or not you're observing it, I guess. In these past weeks, we've begun to take more family walks, venture back out into the world (post-vaccination), and open our windows to let the spring air in. It's been a hopeful and happy time. We even had our first post-baby date night at I Sodi in the West Village, enjoying a meal of Tuscan food which, even after years of additional travels, is still the best food region we've visited.

Our routine is still evolving as I figure out this mommy-business-owner thing. I've switched my weekly studio visits from Sunday to Saturday, when we're able to have backup childcare from the grandparents while I'm away. During the week, I'm usually unable to get any meaningful work done during the day, and sometimes I'm too tired to get into maker mode at night. And yet, things get made in the accumulated in-between minutes that arise here and there. My overall pace is slower, but I'm happy to still be moving.

May means even longer days and brighter afternoons than April. More flowers too, they say. A part of me wants to just relax and enter these next weeks with nothing on the to-do list. That would be okay too, but there is another part of me that wants to at least set intentions for this month. And so, here's what I'm thinking for May.

A month of gratitude

Several special days are coming up for me. We've got our fourth wedding anniversary, my first Mother's Day, our first barbecue of the season, and a visit from an out-of-town friend all happening. These will be extra special after a year of pandemic living, and I'm so grateful to be on the other side of vaccinations and able to partake in more in-person get togethers.

Sharing more behind the scenes

I recently shared a breakdown of how I started Mammoth & minnow, from how I arrived at the decision to begin a small business to formalizing it by filing with the state. Even though I'm not an expert, perhaps what I've learned along my journey thus far can be helpful for someone else. I'm planning to share more behind the scenes of what it's like to run this small business of mine.

Progress for my home studio

I'm expecting to receive the potter's wheel I ordered sometime this month or next. I'm so excited because getting that set up will allow me to make more designs, like cactus mugs and spider silk tumblers, at home. We've already set up my work table and packing station downstairs, as well as installed a debris trap for the slop sink. There are a few additional things I want to tackle this month: making a wedging board, purchasing workbenches for the garage and shelving units for storage, and finding a place for my wheel setup.

Holiday planning

I'm never as prepared as I'd like to be for holiday, and this year probably won't feel much different. Still, I think that I need to adjust my expectations for Holiday 2021 around just how much I'll be able to make between now and November. My plan is to stock up on smaller items that I can make in between coils on larger pieces, such as my lemon ornaments and coffee scoops.

Prep pitchers of summery drinks

Kev recently made a big batch of negronis in a pitcher to keep in our refrigerator and I can't believe we didn't think to do this sooner. It's almost like having negronis on tap. This has me inspired to fill our fridge with more prepped warm weather drinks such as iced chamomile tea and cold brew coffee. We've also come across a recipe for a negroni bianco from Dante (a beloved bar/eatery here in NYC) that we're going to whip up for our upcoming Mother's Day BBQ with the fam.

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