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We're Expecting!

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Kevin and I are expecting a baby in January 2021!

Until just a few weeks ago, my baby bump wasn't really showing and I hadn't yet started to feel the little guy kick. Now, a little over halfway through my pregnancy, the changes to my body have begun to be more noticeable, I feel the baby move all the time, and it's all getting so real. I even started our baby registry this week.

My pregnancy means some changes will be coming to Mammoth & minnow too, of course. I'll have to slow down for a bit, maybe take a break from making pots. For now, I'm continuing to churn out as much as I can to sustain this tiny business, and still dreaming of new designs, future projects - always the next thing and the next after that.

I'm looking forward to sharing more of myself as we plan for the baby's arrival. Behind the scenes, there's just me, trying to figure out how to balance this business with the rest of my life, and that life is changing before my eyes.

I'll start with this. We're excited and we're nervous. Our home is filled with love and we're looking forward to one more little heart joining us under this roof. Our house is not at all prepared, but we're working on it. Our families are thrilled and have been oversharing advice and articles all spring and summer. Our puppies have no idea what's coming, except my sweet, smallest protector, Fitzgerald, who sensed a change in me right away and doesn't leave my side.

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