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The October list

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Okay, it’s fall.

This month I look forward to filling my home with the scent of apples, lots and lots of still-warm ceramics coming out of the kiln, and a trip to Asia. Here’s my to do list for October.

Shop favorite fall produce

Apples, persimmons, figs. I’ll be loading up on these autumnal fruit and looking to them for color palette inspiration as well. I’m often pinning dinner plate dahlias in crimson and burgundy and I love love love clusters of

chocolate cosmos every time I come across them.

With our composting schedule bringing us to the green market every Sunday, I’m excited to bring home a small harvest each week. In between Sundays, we’ll fill the house with the scent of apples by lighting our new honey crisp apple cider candle. 🧡

Tackle commitments at hand

I began kicking into high gear last month with pottery. Work picked up at the very same time. The result was a very productive month but also one that required strict scheduling.

When I have a lot to do I’ve found that compartmentalizing my day and doing my damned best to stick to a schedule is the best way for me to handle it all. This month will also require a good amount of calendar planning since I’ll be gone for the last week and don’t want to feel behind on my plans.

Review 2018 goals

Now is a good time to assess your year to date and take stock of what short term and unfinished goals you can close out before the end of the year. Whether or not you made resolutions back in January, you can decide to take on these next three months with clear intentions.

As an example, some of my goals for the remainder of the year: finish my travel diaries for this year’s travel, update my financial plan and figure out how to plan for our next big goals, make significant progress on Japan trip-planning, upgrade my dogs’ diets with even more homemade, more interesting, more varied elements, and use up some of my face masks.

Nurture my relationship

I’ll be gone for nearly two weeks at the end of October. I know for a lot of busy couples this isn’t a big deal but this will be the longest we’ll have been apart since we moved in together. I’m worried about him eating healthy when I’m gone and I feel bad for leaving all the pup duties to him for so many days in a row. I know he can take perfectly good care of himself and the dogs but still I wish I could be there to help.

I’m planning for some quality time before I go. I’m also going to try to stock the fridge with some good things so he’ll have a few options since figuring out dinner for one isn’t fun.

Go to Asia

I’m traveling to Singapore and Hong Kong for work at the end of the month. It’ll be my first time in Singapore and my second time in HK. After my work engagements, I’m going to Sichuan, China for a few days to visit my grandma and extended family there.

Fit in a fun Halloween project

I purchased a DIY paper mask template on Etsy. You print out the template on card stock and fold and assemble the pieces into a dinosaur head mask. I’m really excited for this project and am hoping it comes out well enough for my husband to wear it to his work Halloween party.

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