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The January List

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Happy 2019! Just like that, we're back to reality. Here's what I've got going on this month:

Back to the studio!

My studio was closed between Christmas and New Years and I can't wait to get back at it on the potter's wheel. I brought clay home for the break and have hand built a few new things during this "off" time. There's a lot of clay I have on a shelf to recycle and I'm eager to get to wedging it. There's also a wholesale order that's waiting to be made as soon as we can get some porcelain back in. 


It might be that I wrote this list up during a 24 fast (a restart of a cleanse regimen my doctor recommended), but I'm really excited to bake a ton this month. The warmth from the oven and the anticipation in watching the timer count down are two happy things I could use this month. Christmas cookies really inspired me during the holiday season; it's a tradition I'd like to start with Kevin as soon as possible so it's had time to set and take on our style by the time we can share it with future kiddos. 

Hours before my fast ended I began making a cinnamon swirl bread to have with a sparkling rose wine from Austria for New Years Eve. I used old, previously opened yeast, and the bread never rose as it was supposed to. Lesson learned. I'll take another shot at it with new, 2019 yeast. 

Do the doctor(s) thing

I mentioned in my last post the re-emergence of my allergic hives, this time of unknown cause. I have appointments in the books already and am going to make it a priority to tackle this now, at the start of the year. 

A new way to have turmeric

I take turmeric supplements on a near daily basis and make myself turmeric lattes with almond milk every so often. I love this easy little recipe with honey as an alternative way to get your curcumin on with your morning lemon water.

Recipe box:

I'm excited to use my new gorgeous Great Jones Dutchess oven, and have found a few recipes I want to try in it. Plus a cacio e pepe recipe just because I love it. 

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