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April 2023 Update: Spring!

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Spring is in the air, in my eyes, my nose, everywhere. My allergies are flaring but the rest of me loves to see New York bursting in pinks, purples, and whites as pollen producing trees blossom. We've logged several patio hangs already, and have begun venturing farther from home as the weather warms.

We had a family day in DUMBO, taking advantage of a sunny day while Jasper's daycare was out for Spring Break. On a recent Friday, I took the NYC Ferry to the office. It's a little slower than the subway, but much more scenic. Kev and I have even had a date night, starting with a transporting meal at Noz 17 and ending with a balmy evening stroll along the Highline up to Hudson Yards.

At home, between work, pottery, and family, I've enjoyed using my free moments on a knitting project, my current book, and working in my garden. And in this way, quietly and happily, April has passed so quickly and my monthly update comes just a week before we move onto May.

Here, inter alia, a snapshot of life lately.

First, A Garden Update

The daffodils have gone, and the tulips, with their early arrival this year, are here and ready for clipping. A first for us, the fritillaria meleagris I planted in the fall came up at the edge of our backyard and brought some quirky joy to our space. Our gladiolus and freesia bulbs have sent shoots up, even the ones I planted with fingers crossed in that patch of barren dirt by the driveway.

Tomato, basil, Icelandic poppy, and aster seedlings are up and hardening to the spring weather in their pots. I've begun a new batch of seeds for another attempt to start what I can before we go to the garden center to fill in the gaps.

Pottery Corner

It isn't easy to make time for wheel throwing sessions, but it's important for me to keep up my wheel practice. I've scheduled in a few this month and have used reclaimed clay to make bud vases in varying shapes and sizes.

I've also been interested in smaller, wider tasting cups, and am working on a few in espresso clay, which I plan to finish with a charcoal satin glaze.

In the pipeline for the shop, there's one Bamboo Brush vase that's almost ready, and one espresso clay bud vase as well. These two are awaiting their glaze firing before being complete.

Gestures at Wellness

With the allergies I mentioned earlier, I've been paying more attention to ways I might help reduce or calm inflammation. Since my struggle with an immune response gone off the rails several years ago and my year+ long dependence on daily anti-histamines that then triggered system-wide inflammation when stopped, I've tried to avoid taking medication when I'm feeling only mild allergy symptoms.

Here are the steps I've taken:

  • I've been more watchful of certain things in my diet, including lessening processed sugar intake, switching to half-caf coffee in the afternoon, stopping alcohol consumption after 9pm, adding more fermented foods such as kimchi and yogurt to my fridge, making overnight oats with bee pollen and local honey, and more consistently taking probiotics and acacia fiber.

  • An easy one has been applying my trusty Fresh Rose Face Mask, with its cooling gel texture, first thing in the morning most days to calm puffy skin and eyes.

  • Lately, after a lovely new symptom appeared where I wake up with swollen and blistered lips, I've tossed several of my lip balms and retained only Burt's Bees and good ol' Vaseline for use throughout the day.

  • To wind down before bed, I sometimes apply the Osea Vagus Nerve Oil that I received as a holiday gift. I find the scent incredibly relaxing, along with the ritual of massaging it into my jawline and behind my ears.

Photo Diary

A double blossomed fritillaria meleagris with purple petals and narrow green leaves standing in a ceramic vase

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