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August(?!) 2022 Update

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

Lately my home life has grabbed center stage as a cold runs through the household and childcare coverage shifts with appointments and other commitments. It's difficult to be sick as a parent, when you don't get to just take a timeout or a day off. These past few weeks have forced me to go to bed much earlier than usual in order to function the next day, and therefore my free time has been significantly impacted.

I expect this sort of disruption to come in waves for the foreseeable future, as daycare germs will continue to build up Jasper's immune system and, by extension, re-up ours as well.

Up until the middle of July there have been many great seasonal moments and memories that I've collected, and I'm viewing this cold as a pause, to let my body recover and rest. I hope to be feeling like myself again soon.

Pottery & Shop News

My large project of Maraca and Arch vases is due August 19th, and at this point it's looking like I won't make that date on the Arch vases in particular. I've been sculpting as much as I can without taxing my body, but there is more time required in the finishing steps, so I'm working on estimates in order to propose an extension.

In between coils on those vases, I've finished a custom vase for one of my long time clients, and it's drying slowly downstairs as it's a big piece.

Still, somehow, there are a handful of new items in the shop as well as restocks. I currently have just one lemon ornament ready to go, two new Bamboo Brush collection vases, a couple of Loop Mugs, a couple of Edna Cups, and a handful of various scoops. I also have a Lana Vase in line for glaze firing.

Once the Maraca and Arch vases go out the door, I'm going to split my time between stocking up and getting ready for holiday and exploring new ideas.

Looking ahead

It's crazy that we're only a month from September. I've even started to think about Halloween, though not too much. I want to feel prepared with a costume for Jazzy, but I won't rob myself of the many weeks of summer we have ahead.

We'll be going on vacation to a Hudson Valley AirBnB for a week at the end of this month, and I'm very excited for the memories we'll make there. The place has a salt water pool (bonus: it's gated off for peace of mind) and I'm curious to see how Jazzy will like it.

Our last CSA share pickup for the summer is next Friday. Our pickup location is in Astoria and we've come to realize Astoria is really very inconvenient for us to get to. Still, I've come to really like making the trip, and coming home with our box of heritage asian produce along with a couple of consistently delicious pastries from Bench Flour Bakers.

Photo Diary

Some pictures from life lately, which make me happy with their saturated summer palette. Featured are an impromptu lunch at Diner including a green panzanella salad, produce from Marlow & Daughters, the bright storefront of the wine shop Spirit Animal, afternoon sunlight on my workbench downstairs, and fresh coriander berries from our CSA share.

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