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Introducing: By the Sea

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Porcelain, pearls, and gold. A capsule jewelry collection of freshwater pearls strung on sparkly gold chain. Easy, dainty necklaces for layering and drop earrings in varying lengths for a little or a lot of swing. 

I’ve always loved pearls but have found them a bit tricky to wear for everyday. I’m not exactly the girl to wear a strand of pearls with a twin set or a collared shirt. I wanted to create a few pieces that would work with my style, foiling structural workwear and softening boxy dresses in city-girl black, grays, navy. 

I love that pearls grow luminous in low light, and so I wanted pieces that work with my after-dark wardrobe too. Things that I can wear to weddings or date night, something understated enough to not upstage a flowy dress, a dramatic back or a simple but effective silhouette. 

Each necklace or pair of earrings comes with an exclusive, complimentary porcelain seashell which I’ve handmade for this collection. These stoneware shells feature hints of blush and a glaze that fires to a crackly finish with subtle, spontaneous touches of pale opalescent blue. As in nature, no two are the same. 

Mammoth & Minnow By the Sea

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