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The Friday Report: Week of March 20, 2020

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

The Friday Report is back, Cabin Fever edition. This week marks the 2nd full work from home week in the new normal of COVID-19.

While my job has always had the flexibility to work from home, this full time set-up, and the psychological component of the need to stay indoors, is new to me. Thus far, the extra time saved from not commuting has allowed me to tackle some M&m, household, and life things that have helped to keep me occupied and feeling productive.

To start, I used up nearly all of the clay that I brought home from my last visit to the studio, which has since closed until further notice. I ordered a 25 pound bag and am awaiting its arrival. With the last little ball of clay that I have, I've been working on a ceramic chain, link by link.

I filed taxes, both quarterly sales taxes for the business, and our 2019 income taxes which included M&m financials.

For the new house, we've packed up even more of our belongings, ordered a ceiling fan for the living room and 4 lighting fixtures for the main floor, and decided on a color to paint the cabinets in the master bedroom. We'd booked a moving company for April 10 but just moved it up to April 7th as we were worried that the city would shut down soon and we need to be out by 4/10.

Before things all came to a stand still we were beginning to talk and meet with another contractor after our first one went MIA. This one fell through as well, when on Wednesday he felt we didn't lock him down quickly enough despite having only been to the house for the first time on Saturday. His email tone was that of an outburst, and soured me fully on the prospect of working with him. While it was frustrating in the moment, I think it worked out for the best - there were things we'd picked up on during our in person meeting that we didn't like: the mismatch in our design sensibilities, his rushed, loose approach to the line items in the scope of work, and his willingness to do work without DOB filings.

Kev's aunt Jeanie is very into numerology and she tells me that Kev and I are both in a "rest year" until around October, that now is the time to attract rather than push as the universe is not flowing in that direction for us right now. It's kind of comforting to read those words even if I don't subscribe to numerology.

On a recent trip to drop off boxes at the house, I stood outside in our garden for a while, getting to know it for the first time. Since we closed in winter, I didn't know what was planted that would sprout in spring. We have a forsythia bush, rhododendron, and low to the ground purple blossoms of some kind among other flora. I've ordered flower seeds from an Etsy seller in California to plant in the garden to add to the variety.

Earlier this month we decided to cancel the trip to Paris we had booked. We would have been leaving next Wednesday night. Instead, I'm reading through The New Paris by Lindsey Tramuta, pictured above. Its beautiful photography and words are a welcome escape.

On the wellness front, we've been cooking all of our own meals for the past two weeks, and in doing so have been keeping to fresh produce as we need to use it up before it goes bad. It's been lovely and healthy.

I've been applying face masks multiple times a week.

We made coffee ice cream.

I've started to get into that pile of New Yorker issues that are backlogged on my coffee table.

I broke the glass canister part of our trusty french press, and made a mess trying to pour a pot of coffee and grounds directly through the mesh part into a cup while waiting for the replacement to arrive. Today, I'm happy to report that the press is up and running again and I now have a cup of grounds-free hot coffee next to me.

Happy Friday, folks. One day at a time.

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