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September 2022 Update: Savoring the End of Summer

Updated: Jan 15, 2023

I’ve realized that writing these monthly updates has helped me to live and work with more intention as well as pay more attention to the days and weeks as they pass. In starting to think about what I wanted to put into this month’s post, I’ve already begun to do those things: taking a day trip to City Island this weekend as part of my summer bucket list, stopping by the studio after work for some practice on the wheel, and picking up new books from the library.

September means we’ve shifted into late summer, a period of a few weeks in which I love to slow way down, deliberately savor the joys of the season, and plant seeds for the near future (as well as literally, for my fall garden).

Ceramics & Shop

On the pottery front, I’m wrapping up my production push of 125 vases in a couple of weeks, pacing at about one vase a day since getting the order at the end of April. Despite the pace I’ve sustained, which for individually sculpted items the size of these styles would be considered breakneck, I’m more motivated than ever to keep going - and very excited to be free to make other designs now.

I feel so proud in the knowledge that I can handle business at this scale. Having a kiln in my garage also gives me so much more control over timing and lifts the significant constraints of having to commute with pieces sculpted at home.

In the second half of September, I’ll begin to prep in earnest for the holiday season. Late by some standards, but I don’t feel as pressured this year to be able to meet huge demand. After the stress of last year’s holiday backlog, I’m going into this year making mostly what I want to make.

Home & Family

We took a week off at the end of August and spent time with family up in Kerhonkson, NY. The AirBnB we stayed in had a fenced-off saltwater pool, a fire pit in the barbecue area, and plenty of privacy. We were only there for four days but it was so rejuvenating to have that time off. A highlight was visiting nearby Arrowood Farms, a farm/brewery/restaurant where we tried really good beers, walked the grounds with chickens, and ate at long picnic tables under a rainbow that appeared after a passing shower.

We're four days into September, and we've been doing lots of things. Friends from CT came into town for dinner at our place on Friday, our trip to City Island was on Saturday, and Kev and I had a brunch date in Williamsburg today.

At work, it's been messaged to us that the 3-day in office requirement will be enforced anew after Labor Day, and so after a summer of increased flexibility I'll be making that commute more often. It coincides with our increasing Jazzy's daycare schedule from two to three days, so we'll all be moving about town more this month.

Current Media Consumption

  • I'm currently reading Collective Wisdom by Grace Bonney and I'm just so happy this book exists. I love hearing the words of women who've lived through and accomplished many things. A theme I am picking up is that they all would tell their younger selves to be less afraid. That's a lesson that resonates with me.

  • We finished the first season of Slow Horses on Apple TV about a band of spies who are less than stellar at their jobs, and it was really enjoyable and quite funny.

  • I've been pretty into The Potter's Cast podcast lately. I love hearing other potters share more about their work and how they found their way to clay.

Photo Diary

From our time in Kerhonkson

From City Island

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